Zebronics Zeb-Rocket Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

A well built Bluetooth speaker with portable. Have a decent set of features. But, The question rises and asked by many people is we should but it?

Zebronics Zeb-Rocket Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review. Is we should buy this portable Bluetooth speaker?

Budget Bluetooth speakers are very common nowadays, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Sound embellishment creator Zebronics has a major arrangement of versatile Bluetooth speakers valued underneath Rs. 5,000 and today, we have the Zeb-Rocket Bluetooth speaker for audit, With an MRP of Rs. 2,399, the Zeb-Rocket is fit for playing sound from an assortment of sources and even has worked on FM radio. It’s a great opportunity to check whether the Zeb-Rocket can convey sufficient sound quality to make it worth considering.

Zebronics Zeb-Rocket design and features review

The Budget wireless Bluetooth speaker. However, It is not a right speaker to buy.

The Zeb-Rocket is fabricated totally of plastic however the quality is great and the completion of the parts doesn’t feel rough. The dark and dim trim gives it a downplayed look and it’s just accessible in this one shading. The Zebronics Zeb-Rocket has a barrel-shaped building, with the two drivers put on either end. It additionally has a calfskin like an elastic handle for bearing it. The speaker can be put on a level plane or vertically. It’s not huge and at 912g, it doesn’t feel extremely overwhelming.

The Zeb-Rocket has two drivers — a 3-inch and a 1.4-inch driver — put on either end. The controls and ports are put on the end with the little driver. You have caught for media playback, equalizer control, and mode determination. The catches for changing the tracks additionally bend over as volume controls, on the off chance that you long-press them. An elastic fold covers the On/Off catch, Aux input, USB Type-A port, and Micro-USB charging port.

The two drivers are fit for creating the greatest yield of 10W (RMS). The recurrence range is minimally restricted at 100 to 16,000Hz, and the sign to-commotion proportion is around 65dB. The Zeb-Rocket utilizes the more seasoned Bluetooth 2.1 standard however Zebronics still cases a scope of 8-10m. It’s somewhat strange to see such an old standard as yet being utilized, however, fortunately, other than expending more power than the present forms, it doesn’t have any impact on the sound quality itself.

The USB port can acknowledge pen drives of up to 32GB and just MP3 sound documents are upheld. There’s no IPXX water obstruction and no in-assembled amplifier, so you can’t answer calls through the speaker. At last, the Zeb-Rocket just backings the SBC Bluetooth sound codec.

Zebronics Zeb-Rocket battery life review

The Zebronics Zeb-Rocket wireless portable Bluetooth speaker review in detail.

Setting up the speaker as straightforward as flipping on the power switch and discovering it in your telephone’s Bluetooth blending list. The speaker must be associated with one gadget at any given moment. We tried it utilizing an iPhone XR ₹ 57,249 (Review), iPad smaller than expected, and MacBook Air. In spite of utilizing the more established variant of Bluetooth, we didn’t experience any difficulty with the range of sound dropping out.

The main thing we saw is that the Zeb-Rocket gets extremely uproarious. With the volume maximized on the speaker, we found a 30 percent volume on our gadget agreeable enough when tuning in to music inside. Notwithstanding when we drove the volume as far as possible up, we didn’t hear any bending. The 3-inch driver is more intense than the other, yet this is just observable in the event that you have your ear truly near the speaker.

Sound quality, unfortunately, isn’t extremely amazing. Regardless of the high volume level, the Zeb-Rocket sounds somewhat empty since the bass is exceptionally powerless. Indeed, even at full volume, there’s no capable of being heard pound from the low-end frequencies.

In tracks like Lock Doh by Giggs, the sub-bass is practically non-existent as the speaker doesn’t bolster that recurrence go. The mid-go sounds sloppy, which makes it intense to differentiate various instruments. Tracks like Brain Damage by Pink Floyd pass up a great deal of detail, and vocals aren’t fresh either. The highs sound alright and don’t get sibilant.


Zebronics Zeb-Rocket Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review. The best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 in India.

The Zeb-Rocket sounds best when put on a level plane. Putting it vertically, even on a tiled floor, suppresses the sound a bit. Our experience was somewhat better when playing melodies legitimately through a wired association or through a pen drive, however not by much. We would have loved a microSD card space rather than or notwithstanding the USB port since you can’t close the fold when utilizing a pen drive. MP3s are consequently played in the irregular requests.

We watched recordings on our gadgets with sound spilling to the Zeb-Rocket as well and didn’t have any match up issue with discourse, be that as it may, we had to increase the volume when sitting in front of the TV appears as vocals sound delicate and need freshness.

FM radio works sufficiently well. The speaker naturally filters for accessible stations and you can burn through them utilizing the volume all over catches. You can cycle between various sources utilizing the ‘Mode’ catch. The EQ or equalizer catch is somewhat trivial as there’s no real way to tell which preset has been connected, and the sound quality doesn’t beat that.

The Zeb-Rocket is appraised to keep going for just 2 hours for every charge, except this number is for the most extreme volume. The level we ordinarily utilized went poorly 40 percent, and with this, we figured out how to get around 6 hours and 55 minutes of persistent playback time before the battery was totally dead. Our use included a blend of Bluetooth spilling and playback through the USB port. Charging the speaker takes around three hours. At the point when the battery is low, the status LED switches back and forth between blue, red and purple. There’s additionally a perceptible blare, however, it’s not entirely obvious this with music playing.


The Zebronics Zeb-Rocket has an alluring cost and keeping in mind that you do get a ton of playback includes, the sound quality is essentially not sufficient. The state of this current speaker’s body proposes that it can convey great bass, yet this isn’t the situation by any stretch of the imagination. Indeed, even the mid-extend is deficient in detail, and generally speaking, the sound winds up sounding empty. FM radio and USB playback are pleasant increases however insufficient to compensate for the poor sound quality.

At around a similar value, you can discover the F&D W19, which offers double the RMS intensity of the Zeb-Rocket. In case you’re searching for something more tough and climate-safe, the Boat Stone 700A is a decent choice to consider for more cash.


Item Height9 Centimeters
Item Width27 Centimeters
Item Weight921 g
Product Dimensions9 x 27 x 9 cm
Batteries:1 Lithium ion batteries required.
Item model numberZEB-ROCKET
Lithium Battery Energy Content4 Watt Hours
Lithium battery Weight0.60 Grams
Number of Lithium Ion Cells1
Included ComponentsSpeaker

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